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Akkaw Kakaw is your newest dessert superstar right at the very center of the Banchetto de Marikeño (and no, we do not own it).  The star ingredient in their dishes and desserts is the popular Filipino tablea or kakaw. Akkaw is a local expression in Aurora Province which literally means wow. So it is Wow Cacao. They add it to their hot chocolate drink, cold chocolate drink and many others. You can have it iced, shook or ever overloaded with lots of sinful yet heavenly sugary of everything. It is a unique yet rich Filipino chocolate dessert at its finest.

Hot Tsokolate Latte (photo above) is your very familiar hot cup of cocoa goodness. They added marshmallow on top and then blowtorched it until it is light golden brown, maybe a little burnt. It is very hot, it is affordable and I loved it.

While you wait for your drink, you can watch Adrian, their super friendly barista as he prepares your chocolate. You may ask him any questions regarding kakaw as he had been a kakaw expert for more than 20 years but be sure not to distract him for too long as he might miss stirring your drink and it may overflow. 

Cold Tsokolate Overload (above) is the best item on their menu if you like sweets. Seriously, it is actually not too sweet and it felt healthy because it was made from real kakaw. It is iced cold chocolate beverage with whipped cream, finished nicely with caramel stripes on top. Very creamy and chocolatey. 

Champorado de Tablea is one of my favorites. It has this deep dark vibrant color. Very pleasing to the eyes and a treat to my big tummy. 

If the sweets and the visuals are not enough to convince you to try kakaw then let me tell you about its health benefits. There is never a better time to talk about this but now, specially when it's about one's health.
• It prevents heart diseases.
• It helps the brain to function properly and prevents memory loss. 
• It improves one's mood and helps with depression. 
• Antioxidant and antibacterial.

Akkaw Kakaw is open daily from Mondays to Fridays from 4PM to 10PM, Saturdays 6AM to 10PM and Sundays at 6AM to 9PM. They are always ready to serve and provide good quality food.  They are located in Banchetto de Marikeño (outside South Supermarket), Lamuan, Malanday. 

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Jerome Ecal - Akkaw Kakaw Co-owner said...

Maraming Salamat po Marikeno.com for featuring us in you pages, we really appreciate it. You are also part of supporting supporting the Philippine cacao industry to thrive and benefit all related industry, including small businesses like ours of Akkaw Kakaw.