Tito Rex's


Tito Rex's is quite popular for their affordable Goto Marinduque, tapa meals and sizzling steaks. What do most people like about their food? They love them because they serve them fast and sizzling hot. Their business started in 2015 by a proprietor with a freight forwarding business and built their main branch, the Marikina Heights store.  Until to this day, they offer good quality homemade traditional comfort food at affordable prices.

We recently visited their main branch located at 161 General Ordonez Street, Marikina Heights. Their store is set al fresco style to prevent your clothes from smelling like barbecue smoke.  Their dining area was set simple yet cozy. The tables and chairs were made from varnished wood which gave us that familiar homey feeling. The place was well-lighted and and there were adequate space to move around. We were immediately approached and greeted by their well-dressed staff on their signature black, red and white uniform. Our food were ready to be served.

Goto Marinduque Reload: Their goto was very fulfilling.  Being a goto fan myself, I find their goto to be large in its portion. It has so many ingredients and it was party of different flavors in one spoonful.  This is the ultimate Marikina comfort food. 
Tokwa't Baboy (for sharing): Again their portion was huge. It was definitely good for sharing. Their tokwa't baboy was perfectly cooked and the vinegar dressing that came with it was just paired perfectly to their very famous Goto Marinduque.  It was a truly rewarding moment for our team.
Sizzling Sisig: Their sisig was very tasty. You can never go wrong with any sizzling sisig out there. Best paired with white rice.
Grilled Tuna Belly: This was the pinnacle of our trip. It was grilled to perfection and it went quite well with the Java rice. It was cooked well and not dry. It was moist and very tender. We loved it.
Tito Rex Tapa: It is the breakfast of champions and it won our hearts. Very tender and moist. Comes with sunny side egg and Java rice. A hearty breakfast.
Leche Flan Ala Mode: Sweet flan with vanilla chocolate ice cream on top. 
You might want to try their local sizzling steaks as well. 

Tito Rex's Goto Marinduque, Tapa and Steakhouse main branch is located at 161 General Ordoñez Street, Marikina Heights. Open daily from 8AM to 10PM. You can call them on these telephone numbers: 02 70038539, 0977 6763941 and 0961 9342953.  Visit their other store branches in Marikina Sumulong, San Mateo and coming soon along Gil Fernando Avenue. Click here to view their most recent menu and pricing.