Mango Royal Milkshake Sta. Elena


Mango Royal Milkshake (Santa Elena) is now my newest go-to place for a quick mango dessert fix. Mango is the national fruit in the Philippines and we produce the best quality and the sweetest mango fruit in Southeast Asia.  And there's more to that. The bright yellow color of the fruit symbolizes richness and its shape embodies the most important part of a human body, the heart. Thus, it is my most favorite Philippine fruit of all. 

They first started in 2018 when it was simply served as a regular fresh mango shake. From its humble beginning, the mango business prospered and the Mango Royal Milkshake brand expanded and was launched on April 2020. Yes, they are young and new but yet are aggressive and they are ready to take the country. They opened their first franchise store in Marikina in August 2020 along Shoe Avenue, Sta. Elena, near Teatro Marikina.  And I am telling you, masarap silang lahat. 

Here are some of the milkshake variants and fruit juices that we've tried at their store:

Mango Royal: P100 for the grande size. It has everything sinful yet so good: thick frosted cream cheese, sweet mango chunks, crushed graham and Oreo cookies, caramel syrup, sweet soft pearl and fresh mango milkshake. This is my most favorite and I highly recommend it to everyone. Price is very affordable but the taste is huge.
Mango Cheesecake: P85 for grande size. It tasted both refreshing, creamy and sweet. 
Mango Plain: P65 for grande size. It the the most affordable item in their menu. If you want it plain and simple minus the big guilt, this is for you.
Mango Banana: P85 for grande size. Mango and banana fruits is a good combination. It also has crushed graham and Oreo, caramel syrup and sweet chewy pearls. 
Mango Oreo: P70 for grande size. It has fresh mango shake, crushed Oreo, caramel syrup and super chewy pearl. 
Mango Strawberry: P85 for grande size. It has fresh mango shake, sweet and tangy strawberry plum and syrup, crushed graham and Oreo and my favorite, sweet pearls.
Fresh Mango Juice: P65 for grande size. It is cold mango juice with pearls. Super refreshing.

Mango Royal Milkshake Santa Elena opens daily from 11AM to 9PM.  They are located at 238-A Shoe Avenue, Santa Elena, Marikina City. You may order via Grabfood or Food Panda.  You can also do pick up which is so much cheaper.  For inquiries and to place your order, you may call them at 0992 559 1069. Click here to view their most recent menu and pricing.