Walsi Kopi


Walsi Kopi's name came from the shop's owner's grandfather's name (just as I guessed) whose nickname is Islaw (or Walsi, when spelled backwards).  Their tagline El Paborito meant that the coffee shop's owner was Islaw's most favorite grandson. I just love how a young entrepreneur like RKevin devoted his coffee business in memoriam of his late beloved Lolo Islaw.  It is not very common for the younger generations now to look into the past while braving their future. 

The owner had some experience to work abroad as a barista which explained his fresh, audacious and sometimes wild coffee imagination. Here are just some of the coffee and non-coffee beverages we had tried:

Their iced Spanish latte and dark mocha crunch are truly their best sellers for very obvious reasons. The Spanish latte is an espresso-based drink with milk. Slightly sweeter than other regular latte drinks and affordable too. Their dark mocha crunch is probably more to my liking. I love simply loved its flavor and texture.

Kopi gelato is a sweet tooth favorite. We find it very sweet yet refreshing. It is a good beverage for the younger customers. Creamy salted caramel (a premium non-coffee drink) is also a good choice especially for a caramel lover like me and also their Fresa de Crema or strawberry and cream for its smooth fruity taste. My personal summer favorite is their Ube Swabe Frappuccino. They used real ube halaya and it tasted very Pinoy. I would probably buy this over and over and over again. 

Walsi Kopi is a coffee take out store located at 113 E Dela Paz Street, San Roque. They are open daily from 1PM to 12MN.  Click here to view their full menu with pricing.