K-Food Central


K-Food Central is now my most favorite Korean Samgyeobsal (barbecue) place in Marikina.  From the quality of their meat, to the freshness of their vegetables, to the authenticity of their Korean food, side dishes and a lot more. I could go on and on and on about them but let me give you more reasons to visit K-Food Central.

Quality of their meat is quite good. They offer all kinds of meat from seafood, beef, pork and chicken. Their meat is superb for a very affordable price. Everything is unlimited from their well-marinated barbecue, side dishes, Korean fried chicken and even iced tea.  There is no time limit. Click here to see their full menu.

Place is hip with trendy Korean music. Their 3rd floor is covered in Korean art mural. If you are into K-drama, K-movies or even K-pop, everything you will see around you are very familiar: BTS, Blackpink, Train to Busan, Squid Game, just to name a few. You will also find other wall art to be very recognizable like Korean hangul, bibimbap, kimchi, hanbok and a lot more. They also play Korean pop music to complete the Korean mood. It took me back to Seoul again. 

Restaurant is well-ventilated with 270 degree view of the riverpark. Their third floor has a great view of the river with so many windows and a big balcony so air freely comes in and out. If you come during sundown, you will witness one of the best-looking sunsets in Marikina. Their second floor is airconditioned and also has an open balcony. 

Service is outstanding.  Staff are very polite, well-dressed and properly trained. They are also very attentive and proactive, not because we are featuring them but because it's just the way they are. 

All-day breakfast.  They now also serve breakfast.  If you are tired of your usual breakfast and would to try something new yet familiar, be sure to head to K-Food Central and try their drip coffee, Korean tapa (highly recommended), tocino, longganisa and spam with omelets.  We also loved their egg drop sandwich with beef. Serving is big and the vegetables are fresh and crunchy. If you want something hot and soupy, we'd like you to try their budae jigae or army stew.  See their breakfast menu by clicking here

K-Food Central is located at 94 Ming Ramos Lane, Riverpark, Sta. Elena, Marikina City.  Opens daily, 4PM to 11PM.