Venice Handicrafts


Venice Handicrafts is a wood manufacturer for kiddie stools and furniture like cabinets, toy organizers, etc. The workers originally came from a place that is known for their artistic wood carving skills. Popular for their exquisite craftsmanship and artistry, a rich solid history deeply rooted in their ancestral home, a quiet sleepy place in the province. For so many years, these skilled craftsmen have mastered their art, meticulously transforming simple blocks of wood into stunning masterpieces. However, due to some unfortunate events, in recent years, these talented wood carvers have ventured beyond their traditional homeland and decided to settle in the vibrant city of Marikina, sharing their exceptional skills and cultural heritage to a new audience.

Here are some of the awards their company received over the years:

  • Global Awardee For Marketing and Business Excellence 2022
  • National Consumers Choice Awardee 2020
  • Best Choice Awardee 2019

And below are just some of the wonderful products that they produced. They are reasonably priced and high quality. 

The migration of these wood carvers from their dear homeland to Marikina has injected a fresh artistic energy into our city. Marikina has warmly embraced the wood carving tradition, fully accepting of this fruitful exchange of ideas and techniques. This fusion of talents has resulted in the emergence of unique art forms, blending the intricate woodwork of their ancestors with Marikina's contemporary aesthetics. The male and female wood carvers' relocation has not only enriched our artistic landscape but has also provided them with expanded opportunities to showcase their craftsmanship to a wider audience, creating a harmonious collaboration between two artistic communities. And thanks to Venice Handicrafts, they were able to keep their jobs and call this little city their new home. 

You may visit Venice Handicrafts' shop factory at #7 E. Dela Paz St. San Roque, Marikina City. You may call their number for your inquires at mobile number: 0998 866 1449. Open everyday from 8AM to 9PM.