Top Thirteen Foods in Crave Park

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#13 Bulgogi Kimbap • This is Seoul Kimbap's yummy tempting slices of their very moist Bulgogi Kimbap. Filled with tender meat, vegetables and eggs. This is a perfect snack to those who like it quick and light. Would it also make a big difference if an actual Korean ajjuma (a married woman) personally prepares this for you? If you want to go to Seoul and you want to go Korea crazy then you have to try this. Really massisoyo! • Price : Php150 | Average: 7.85

#12 Mixed Souvlaki • Greekings! Mixed Souvlaki is a popular Greek fast food that consists of small tender pieces of meat, grilled vegetables, pita bread and a special Souvlaki sauce. Light and healthy. No need to apply for a VISA. This will surely transport you straight to Greece. • Price : Php169 | Average: 7.95

#11 Tonkatsu Curry • Kawaii means cute in Japanese but do not let their cute exterior fool you because when it comes to food, they are really serious. Try their Tonkatsu Curry with Japanese coleslaw. A perfect heavy meal for the heavy eaters like you. • Price : Php215 | Average : 7.99

#10 Lechon Belly • Crispy skin, tender, tasty and juicy meat. That is truly Yobab's trademark. Served with three types of sauces: spicy, regular soy sauce and original lechon sauce. Comes with white rice. Every bite is heavenly and fulfilling. Meat is so tender it slides in your mouth. This meal will surely send you to heaven, figuratively. • Price : Php150 | Average : 8.06

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