Manganen Bagnet House

Manganen Bagnet House is the newest and the hippest Ilocano-inspired bagnet place in Marikina City. They recently started on June 2016 and opened their doors to the public. You will definitely never go wrong with bagnet. Everybody loves bagnet or at least, everyone craves it for its super crispy, succulent and savory aspects. Manganen Bagnet House specializes in Balai Bagnet or House Bagnet. They make their own bagnet which is made from pork belly: slow-cooked for four hours to get that crispy and tender texture. Then before serving, they'd fry it twice it to have that mad crunch sound.

Manganen is an invitation which literally means to eat, that the food is ready. Bagnet came from the culturally diverse region of Ilocos.  It came from the word bagnettin, an Ilocano word which means to preserve the meat. Early method of preserving meat was to boil or fry the meat.  Then they'd reheat it, thus the name bagnet.

You will surely love their simple yet clean interior.  Shiela, one of the co-owners, conceptualized the interior and never hired a designer to dress up the place. With the key design elements of Ilocos in her mind, they came up with this smart, nearly Ilocos authentic feel.  It's all wooden furnitures and we saw capiz everywhere. I could literally stay in their restaurant for hours. We loved every minute of it. It's like we were time warped to Vigan. Our heart stopped beating when the food came.

Dinakdakan is an Ilocano appetizer made with pig's parts such as ears and cheeks. They are chopped into small pieces and mixed with onions and rich mayonnaise  for that added creaminess. It was a very good start and their dinakdakan was definitely good. It was the best dinakdakan I've had in my life.

It is longganisa festival at Manganen Bagnet House as we've tried their line ups of longganisa meals.  They all come with fried garlic rice and ensalada.  You may also buy their longganisa ala carte and/or by the kilo.  Longganisa is a Filipino delicacy, our own version of sausage.  Longganisa varies from one province to the other and the longganisa of Ilocos are quite popular. These I must try.

Vigan Longganisa : A little sweet and salty but does not have a strong garlicky taste.
Laoag Longganisa : Salty and darker in color. Has a strong distinct garlicky taste.
Tuguegarao Longganisa : Probably my most favorite. Salty, not sweet and has a very strong garlicky taste. I can eat this everyday for breakfast.

Binagoongang Bagnet is very tasty and is your perfect match to a cup of white rice.
Kare Kare Bagnet (topmost photo on this article) is your Krazy Kare Kare, a Filipino stew made from thick tasty peanut sauce. Filled with lots of vegetables, sided with shrimp paste for that rich Filipino taste. And of course, bagnet. Lots of bagnet.

Sinigang na Bagnet is a soup dish, thick with tamarind's sourness and loaded with green leafy vegetables.

Ube Halaya came, our ultimate dessert. It was a simple yet fulfilling craving that left us all smiling and happy. We also had their very creamy yet so affordable Leche Flan. You can surely achieve pure bliss from simple pleasures like these.

The Marikeño Team would like to give our warmest thanks to the management and entire staffs of the Manganen Bagnet House. We came in hungry and we left with the biggest smiles on our faces. Special thanks to Shiela and Jereck for the invitation. We will surely come back soon.

Manganen Bagnet House is your perfect place for gathering friends and families. Not only they give you that authentic Ilocos-Vigan-Laoag feel, but they also let you experience that rich Ilocos taste. They have an awesome menu and their service was great.  Visit them along Lilac Street, SSS Village. They are open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11AM to 11PM. Click here to follow them on Facebook. Click here to view their map.


Manganen Bagnet House said...

Thank you for the feature, Marikeño! More power to you guys!
Hope you'd visit us again soon.