Macy's Burger

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Macy's Burger is currently creating buzz both on social media and on their customers' taste buds. It was a timely circumstance when I first heard about Macy's Burger during the pandemic because I was having this massive ugly food cravings for big tasty burgers. I would say it was pure fate that led me to them. So without further ado, here were what we've tried at Macy's Burger.

Plant-based Mushroom Burger has no meat in it (photo above).  The burger patties that were used were made from chopped mushroom, herbs, spices, all veggies with zero guilt. All the ingredients that were used came from the garden yet it mimicked a meaty taste. Every day is a cheat day for this gastronomic blessing from heaven. My only comment was that I hoped that they also included cuts and pieces of mushroom on the burger as well. 

Kani Surprise Burger is a Japanese-inspired fusion burger that combines slightly sweet shredded crab sticks and creamy Japanese mayonnaise with some hint of wasabi. If you want more challenge, you may request to add more wasabi to the dressing. This is our most favorite burger in their menu. Highly recommended and tasted so refreshing.  Presentation was also very appealing. 

Aloha Grace Burger has big juicy burger patty, fresh lettuce, bacon strips, cheese and a big slice of sweet tangy pineapple on top. You must have lived your life truthfully to be blessed with this piece of heaven.

Macy's Bacon Burger is the exact opposite of their plant-based mushroom burger. This is sinful. This is evil. This is greasy and so wrong. It is topped with  2 pieces of honey cured bacon balanced with tomato, lettuce and cucumber. You'd better confess of your sins before you'd try this monster. 

Their place may look a little rugged but Macy's Burger Marikina surely is serious with their business and they do serve the best burgers with the freshest ingredients on brioche buns in Marikina. You may place your orders via their official Facebook page by clicking here.  Yes, they do deliver. They are open from Mondays to Sundays, from 1PM to 9PM. Click here to see their full menu.


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