Redwood Hawker Center

Redwood Hawker Center is now one of my most favorite Asian restaurants in the city.  Finding a good and decent hawker restaurant in Marikina is like finding a needle in a haystack, if there really is any.  To those that are not familiar with the term, hawker center is a collection of permanent food stalls in Singapore that sell a wide variety of affordable food. It is similar to our local banchetto or mercato but permanent. Here were some of the dishes that we've tried at Redwood Hawker Center. 

Cereal Prawn, a Singaporean dish was our top choice and my personal favorite at the Redwood Hawker Center. It has a crunchy flaky breading yet the prawn was soft and creamy in texture. Sprinkled with curry leaf, garlic, cereal then mixed with milk. Personally, it kind of reminded me of salted egg, splashed with rich butter. It truly deserved our stellar ratings. It goes really well with white rice. 

Nasi Goreng Ayam Chicken, an Indonesian dish is crispy fried chicken with fried rice, crackers and sunny side up egg. The chicken was simple and familiar, a little bit similar to Chowking's fried chicken but the fried rice was flavorful and the egg was cooked perfectly, just the way I wanted it.

Beef Rendang, (photo above, far right) another Indonesian dish is tenderly pulled beef seasoned with local paste, lime and coconut milk. It is similar to our very own beef caldereta but creamy because of the coconut milk. It is a spiced and some may find it with strong flavor yet very pleasant. Presentation is simple but fulfilling. 

Nyonya Laksa Shrimp is a Malay / Singaporean noodle soup dish with generous portion of shrimp, rice noodle, fish cake and bean sprouts. It is a combination of creaminess and spiciness in one big bowl. It was our 2nd best favorite dish from their menu.  Overall, our lunch was terrific and it was comparable to a wonderful journey of fine Asian flavor. 

Redwood Hawker Center is located along Redwood Street, New Marikina Subdivision Brgy. San Roque. You may visit them daily from 11AM-8PM with phone number 09126247632. Order online via Grabfood and Foodpanda. Click here to see their menu. Tip: Have a hot cup of brewed coffee at The Bike Lounge after.